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Most mommies will testify to the benefits of babywearing a baby and I am no different. Not only is it wonderful for bonding purposes, babywearing is also practical for moms who need to do their daily house chores while ensuring that their babies are safe and secure.

While babywearing is important, finding a baby carrier that is comfortable and durable is equally essential – and that is where Sleepy Wrap comes to the rescue. Created by parents, the Sleepy Wrap baby carrier is made from material that  is more sturdy and durable than the regular cotton t-shirt material and with a touch of elasticity that bounced back. Therefore, unlike other materials, if you are using the Sleepy Wrap for a full day, there isn’t a need to retie it.

About Sleepy Wrap

When our son was born, we encountered the wonderful world of baby wraps which distributed his weight across both shoulders and our whole back. They were much more comfortable. A woven wrap seemed too restrictive. The other stretchy baby wraps were great but they were difficult to tie so that they would fit just right as the material seemed to stretch out when we walked for a while. When we took our son out of the stretchy baby wrap the t-shirt material bagged out and we always had to retie it before placing him back inside. The search was on for the perfect material and we found it- more sturdy and durable than the cotton t-shirt material and with a touch of elasticity that bounced back. It conformed perfectly to our son’s body, so we could wear him all day and take him in and out of it without needing to retie it, and it was so much easier to nurse in.

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We created the best baby carrier for our children. Soon our neighbor wanted one. And then her friends wanted one. The compliments and positive reviews started pouring in. We figured that every family with a newborn would appreciate one and decided to make our baby wraps available to the public. The name for our baby carrier started popping up by itself when we kept seeing happy parents carrying their peacefully sleeping babies in our baby wraps.

And the “Sleepy Wrap” was born.

BUY IT HERE: Retailing at $33.95, The Sleepy Wrap is available in 12 colours. Regardless where you reside, you can buy it as they ship worldwide!  From now until 31st August 2008, you can get 10% off any Sleepy Wrap baby carrier by using promo code “BLOGBLOG “. [Edited to add: New code available on the right side bar]

Read the reviews from our Parent Reviewers who have actually tried and tested the Sleepy Wrap baby carrier:

Jennifer Uses Sleepy Wrap On Both of Her Children  – The Sleepy Wrap baby carrier is the best baby carrier I’ve ever owned. I don’t say that lightly. I started wearing my babies when my first was born, over five years ago now. I’ve owned a Rebozo, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, Kangaroo Adjustable Fleece Pouch, Ergo, Mama Baby Ring Slings, Shower Sling, Baby Bjorn, hmmm am I missing any? I wish that the Sleepy Wrap had been available with my first born. I wish that I hadn’t been intimidated by baby wraps in the past. My husband thinks we should buy more of them, in many different colours! They are certainly affordable enough – for a baby carrier that is so easy to use, $34.00 is a steal of a deal, I doubt you could buy a similar, high quality fabric in the quantity needed for that price!

Zamejias Is SO Happy With Her Sleepy Wrap It really would have been our perfect accessory as  I can see that it  is very ideal for infants and growing babies alike. One feature that I love about  this baby carrier is its simple and very safe design – it has no button, latch, strap, buckle or even Velcro on it. Also,  with the SleepyWrap, it is possible to nurse our babies discreetly and  generously.

Mama’s Bag of Tricks Uses Sleepy Wrap To Carry BabyD On Her Back – You can see how happy babyD is in the wrap. I love it that I can carry him this way. When I need to get housework done and no one is around to monitor him, I just tie him to my back. He loves the closeness and of course, the piggy-back ride.

Woot! Daddy Julian Believes Sleepy Wrap Is THE One To Buy – When my wife got it, she immediately loved it. Sleepy Wrap is different from other baby carriers. Though I must say that it takes awhile to get used to the way to tie up Sleepy Wrap, but my wife commended that the additional tie around the waist provided the very much needed back support to carry any of our kids. She tried it in Raelynne which is now 2 years old and weights about 9kg and found that Sleepy Wrap is still able to sustain the weight and she does not feel heavy or tired when carrying Raelynne.

Angeleyes bonds with her son using the Sleepy Wrap – The one thing I like most about SleepyWrap is the elastic/bouncy material. It gave a swinging feeling to Darrius and he found it very fun… like being on the swing. :) (can you see how delighted he was)

Rockin Mama enjoys hands free attachment –  Over the years, my work as a nurse has subjected me to minor back strains and I have to be particularly careful to use the proper body mechanics and carrier when wearing my son.  My son weighs approximately twenty pounds and I have not experienced back, neck, or shoulder pain while using this wrap.  Unlike most carriers, wraps tend to conform to both the mom’s shape and the baby’s body for a secure and comfy fit.

Sheena Cannot Go Without The Sleepy Wrap – Oh how Jayden and I just love our Sleepy Wrap! It has become a product that we use for hours each day. It is something we absolutely cannot go without. I can just pop him in the Sleepy Wrap, continue working on the computer, or pick up around the house. Jayden can be screaming one minute and knocked out within 5 minutes after putting him inside. If he wakes up to nurse, I don’t even have to take him out. Just pop out one of the girls for an easy and discreet nursing. Jayden feels safe knowing he is attached to his Mommy and Mommy gets the joy of watching her little man peacefully chuckling and snorting while sleeping.

The Domestic Diva Thinks It’s The #1 Baby Wearing Item For New Moms – Anytime the little Bean gets in a wrap he immediately falls asleep, it makes him feel so comfortable and secure. In the beginning I used to wear the Bean anywhere and everywhere, now that he is a little older he wants to be free but for the days where he wants or just has to be picked up but yet I still have things to get done then the wrap comes in handy for sure. I can wear the Bean on my back and get everyday household chores done and still spend some quality time with my baby.

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  1. 1

    I was just reading through some of the other reviews and was inspired to try nursing in the Sleepy Wrap. WOW! This is the FIRST carrier I’ve been able to nurse truly hands-free in! And I am fairly large chested! And I have a newborn (1 3/4 weeks old)! I put her to sleep while I was cleaning the top of the stove/wiping the counters down while nursing her! WOW! I’m so impressed!

  2. 2
    Julian says:

    Seriously, I don’t see any reason why Daddies won’t use it. Is it because they are shy? hehehe 😀 If Daddies can use baby carriers, then this is no different… its comfy and able to support the weight of the kid that you are carrying.

  3. 3

    […] A couple of months back, a few of our Parent Reviewers did a review of the Sleepy Wrap baby carrier and it was given the two thumbs up! If you are a new mother or a mom who supports babywearing, the Sleepy Wrap is definitely THE only baby carrier you will ever need. Check out the testimonials from our reviewers here. […]

  4. 4
    sherry says:

    I would love to try this product it looks wonderful love the brown and dark green colors thank you for this opportunity

  5. 5

    […] Baby carrier (We bought Sleepy Wrap. After reading a lot of positive reviews from other mummies, I decided on this carrier. Baby Bjorn is waaaaaay to expensive and there are negative reviews on how it will strain your back unlike Sleepy Wrap. Other types of baby carriers like the sling has negative reviews as well. Baby sling tends to strain on one shoulder. However for Sleepy Wrap the weight is distributed evenly on both shoulders and the parent’s back. I’m hoping the Sleepy Wrap works just as well as what I read in the reviews.) […]

  6. 6
    Randie says:

    This is an AMAZING wrap! I have tried a very expensive mamasmilk sling (pretty but not comfortable for baby) mai tei (comfy but you cant keep it on without retying at some point) and a bjorn (total waste of money!) which were all very expensive and then I stumbled upon this wrap for 34.00 which is MAGIC! I absolutely love it!

  7. 7

    […] last year, we had the opportunity to review a wonderful baby sling called the Sleepy Wrap, which was given the thumbs up by the majority of our parent reviewers. The same company,  NAP, […]

  8. 8

    […] known about Sleepy Wrap since a group of Parent Reviewers had a chance to review it, back in July 2008. It prompted me to get my very own Sleepy Wrap in dark olive green. When I first opened it up, […]

  9. 9

    […] year I was given the opportunity to review  the Sleepy Wrap baby sling, which in my opinion is an affordable very well made option for parents wanting to wear […]

  10. 10

    […] you may remember how our panel of reviewers raved about the fabulous Sleepy Wrap baby carriers as well as the Organic Sleepy Wraps that we had reviewed many months ago. Well, babies do grow up […]

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