GIVEAWAY CLOSED! My family and I are trying to eat cleaner and have been doing a lot of reading on gluten and gluten-free options when it comes to some of our favorite foods. So I was excited to hear that we would be able to try some gluten-free bread from Canyon Bakehouse! We have tried a couple different brands and […]

    I’m sure many of you can attest, our daily lives are driven, in a large part, by the technology we use. That means that technology must be congruous to our lives—constantly changing and adapting based on what’s happening, and simple and effective—enabling us to live our lives and not holding us back in any way. That’s exactly what […]

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED! I have picky, sensitive skin – so I am always on the hunt for a cleanser that will clean my skin but not dry it out like crazy; but also something that won’t cost a fortune. So, I was happy to review the SebaMed liquid face and body wash! SebaMed cleansers are mild, hydrating cleansers that are soap and […]

My newest little one, Juliana (7 months) and I got to try out some Green Babies brand organic bath products this past week! The products we received included Energizing bubble bath, Calming bubble bath, Lotion Potion moisturizer, Baby Me shampoo and wash and Smooth Me Detangler. The detangler I promptly gave to my friend (with 3 girls) because Juliana’s hair […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! My son is in love with spyware. He is convinced that he is going to be a spy when he grows up and he has a whole collection of great spy gear. The one thing he has continually asked for that we have yet to get him is a padlock. He is determined to lock up all his […]

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TO THE WINNERS OF Biozet Attack Ecosmart Laundry Detergent      Claire Orr #28 AND   The Magic Bowl: Potty Training Made Easy (DVD+Book) Andrew Dankleff #2 The winners are required to do the following: 1. Submit your relevant info via the Winner’s Submission Form Below; AND 2. Leave a comment in this post to let us know you have […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! We were so excited to announce the news recently that we are expecting our third child. My excited anticipation was tempered, however, when mere moments after our announcement I was overtaken by a wave of nausea that has continued for the last 12 weeks. With my first two children I did have moments of morning sickness (usually around […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Imagine this, you are sitting on the bus with nothing to do, the ride ahead of you is the same every afternoon without fail, then you hear the faint sound of Joe Satriani playing in the background. Looking over in the isle next to you is someone playing guitar on their shirt with a mini-amp attached to their […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! So- I have to admit I am not the most technologically advanced Mama on the block.  In fact, I had a flip phone until just a few weeks ago.  Imagine my surprise when my sweet husband brought home an actual smart phone for me- one that has internet, email, and so many apps it makes my head spin.  I have […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! I am a pillow hog… I love pillows- the fluffier and yummier, the better!!  I was thrilled to be asked to review a great product from Dacron- the mini pillow.  The only problem was that my daughter is almost as much of a pillow hog as I am and as soon as it arrived she claimed it as […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! The Rumba watch has done something no other watch/fashion item has done to my tomboy daughter, it won her over. It comes in this cool plastic holder and bends/moves whichever way you want it to, so when I pulled it out of the container and tested it, I was thrilled. There are no latches that might break, no […]

Some of you may remember how our panel of reviewers raved about the fabulous Sleepy Wrap baby carriers as well as the Organic Sleepy Wraps that we had reviewed many months ago. Well, babies do grow up and we are proud to introduce to you a toddler carrier called Boba which is brought to you by Colorado based NAP, Inc. the very same company who introduced […]

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As a homeschooling mom, I am constantly searching out the newest and best curriculum to keep my children on track and excited about learning.  One area in which I find our curriculum usually lacking a bit is in physical education.  It is one area that I often overlook or take for granted- knowing that my children are constantly active, running, […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Her Interactive has recently added another Nancy Drew game, which is available for the Mac as well PC. I received my review copy via the downloadable purchase option which is available on Her Interactive’s website. Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge is the third of three Nancy Drew titles – to celebrate her 80th Anniversary this year. […]