GIVEAWAY CLOSED! I am a pillow hog… I love pillows- the fluffier and yummier, the better!!  I was thrilled to be asked to review a great product from Dacron- the mini pillow.  The only problem was that my daughter is almost as much of a pillow hog as I am and as soon as it arrived she claimed it as […]

Whenever a child is missing and foul play suspected, stepmothers collectively breathe a sigh of concern, hoping that a stepmother is not involved. They worry that both the media and everyone else will immediately go to the default stereotype that stepmothers are evil and wicked, and responsible for the child’s disappearance. The stereotype that stepmothers are wicked has existed for […]

  All kids can grow up to be confident, competent, and caring IF they 1) have caring relationships that convey positive expectations, and 2) are given opportunities for meaningful participation. Expectations that are too high set parents up for disappointment and set kids up for discouragement and failure. Kids think, “I’m inadequate; something’s wrong with me.” This is one of […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! [Image from the book Sand Temple, illustrated by @Archana Srinivasan] I recently was given the opportunity to visit, which houses an online collection of children’s illustrated books by independent publishers. I was really pleased at the selection of books available, and to my delight, I recognized an ol’ favorite, Sikulu and Harambe there too! Navigating around Memetales, […]

I just got back from an 8 hour plane flight, with three kids (2, 4 and 7) and 60kg of luggage, by myself. Not only that, I managed to watch 3 movies, eat the meals and enjoy myself. The best thing was, the 2 year old did not scream or yell (unlike the first time we went, where he screamed […]

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