GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Imagine this, you are sitting on the bus with nothing to do, the ride ahead of you is the same every afternoon without fail, then you hear the faint sound of Joe Satriani playing in the background. Looking over in the isle next to you is someone playing guitar on their shirt with a mini-amp attached to their […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! I am a pillow hog… I love pillows- the fluffier and yummier, the better!!  I was thrilled to be asked to review a great product from Dacron- the mini pillow.  The only problem was that my daughter is almost as much of a pillow hog as I am and as soon as it arrived she claimed it as […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! The Rumba watch has done something no other watch/fashion item has done to my tomboy daughter, it won her over. It comes in this cool plastic holder and bends/moves whichever way you want it to, so when I pulled it out of the container and tested it, I was thrilled. There are no latches that might break, no […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! My children are all taught that most of life is full of non-gender roles. What I used to call policemen, are now police officers. Teachers are male and female as can be presidents and military officials. So when given the chance to take my toddler girls outside of the realm of their traditional apron and kitchen playtime as […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! One of the first “baby items” that I received for my new little girl who is due early November was an adorable pair of shoes from See Kai Run. I received a pair of size 4 (9-12 months) “Kai” style sneakers – in pink, red and brown – and I think they are probably the cutest shoes I’ve […]

My mother was the oldest of thirteen siblings living in difficult circumstances in Germany. She had too many responsibilities too early in life, and her busy parents were unable to meet some of her most important needs. Many years later, while she was raising five children of her own in America, she talked about how much she had always missed […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Kidz Bop 18 is the newest release in the Kidz Bop franchise (which has been around since 2001). Kidz Bop are compilation albums of popular songs, covered by children singing rather than the original artist. They are edited to remove the blatantly “questionable” things so that kids who want to listen to what’s hot on the radio can […]

By Sandby Sandler   It’s summer and the kids are excited, no school… you’re a bit overwhelmed thinking how am I ever going to keep them busy and out of trouble? Of course there are sports, video games, hikes, but the weather isn’t always cooperative and there are 24 hours in each of those three months of summer. A great […]

I just got back from an 8 hour plane flight, with three kids (2, 4 and 7) and 60kg of luggage, by myself. Not only that, I managed to watch 3 movies, eat the meals and enjoy myself. The best thing was, the 2 year old did not scream or yell (unlike the first time we went, where he screamed […]

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