I just learned a new Japanese word today – Jishaku (pronounced Jee-Shah-Koo), which means magnet. Ok, I’m not exactly polishing up my Japanese but rather having fun with this new game called Jishaku, which was created by Florida based Steve Velte.

So, what exactly is the Jishaku game? An excerpt from their website explains it best:

JishakuTM is a patent-pending, portable strategy game like chess or checkers that can be played anywhere – the kitchen or the beach. But unlike chess, there is an element of surprise when the magnets jump out of position, without warning. Surprise, then laughs, follow as two or more players try to beat force fields with strategic thinking plus careful and precise handling of the game’s magnetic stones. The unpredictability of Jishaku turns any get-together into a party!

How is it played? Each game comes with 18 polished magnetic stones, a storage  pouch and a novel foam insert. There are several variations of the game but the most popular is “I’m Out”. The goal of the game is to place magnets onto the game base – without letting any magnets connect. Because all magnets have North and South poles, you need to study the effects of the magnets on the stones around it. Some will attract while others will repel. Thus, it not only matters where you place your stones, how you place each one is equally important. The first person to run out of magnets will be declared as the winner. You can also check out the rules of the game here.

BUY IT : The Jishaku Game is intended for 2 players or more and ideal for children of age 8 and above. It is also perfect as a family game when you are going on road trips or to be played inflight as it does not take up a lot of space and it’s highly portable. Parent Reviewers readers can get 10% off from now until 30th September 2008 using Promo Code QIOHXO when you purchase Jishaku at www.playjishaku.com

Our Parent Reviewers had as much fun playing The Jishaku as their kids. Check out the rave reviews here:

Cass KnitsYou know, it’s just as fun with 4 players as with 2. Except we were a little bit mean. We just told them the object of the game was to get rid of your stones. We didn’t tell them what to expect. And so we won, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. I can foresee the whole family having fun with this game, but not until I go back to NMB and get some more stones. Like most games, there just aren’t enough pieces for all the folks who want to play. That’s ok. The stones are pretty cheap.

Accidental Mommies – This is a fun game that you can play virtually anywhere and it doesn’t take a lot of time so it is very versatile. You can play with a wide age range and it can even be played on your lap, so you don’t need a lot of room. We see this game being played at our family gatherings for many years to come because everyone will say “just one more time!”.

Laura Williams’ Musings – The game though was a hit with our 8 year old and 9 year old sons.  They thought it was fun to watch their magnets catch the others then try to get rid of them all again. So I’m sure they’ll want to play it again some more.

The Pond – The first thing I think of when I hear the word strategy, is that the game is going to be hard. This game is not hard and in fact is geared towards everyone beginning at age 8. The game has small parts so you really need to keep it out of the hands and mouths of babes.

Be sure you aren’t drinking any beverages while playing this game. You will surely spew your mouthful of drink the first time the stones start jumping. It is crazy to see how the magnetic pull effects each other’s stones.

Book Room Reviews – We loved this new game! I was screaming each time my magnets clicked together. There is a fun video I posted below that shows you exactly what I’m talking about. This game is for ages 8 and up, and can be purchased here for $19.95. Check it out, you will be glad you did! Great family fun!

Val’s Views – Our family really enjoyed Jishaku. I recommend the game highly. It’s not electronic, so you won’t constantly need to put batteries in it. It’s not violent, so parents won’t hesitate to let their children play it. It’s small and portable, so it doesn’t require a lot of room to play and would travel nicely.

Freaky Frugalite – It’s a very fun game, and it gets the kids interacting. I don’t know about you, but playing video games together is NOT kids interacting. So I love this game.

I recommend this game. It’s educational, teaches motor skills (and patience), teaches the concept of magnetism and the laws of attraction and repulsion, and encourages interactivity with the other players. It’s also very easy and simple enough for young kids to play with older kids and adults. And when the kids are not playing the actual game, they like to fool around with the magnets, too. :-)

Ang’s Chicken Coop – Oh my did we laugh! And we discovered that the magnetic stones make great earrings and hair ties, too. Oh, and the kids did play the game the rest of the weekend. They loved it, too! They had so much fun trying to get rid of their stones first. Its great to find a game that is so enjoyable and can be played by all of us.

Kristen McLane –  Jishaku proved to be the ultimate distraction for keeping my kids entertained while I tended to last minute packing details. This simple looking game has the ability to drive you bonkers – in a good way.

On a final note, since a picture speaks a thousand words, check out the video of her kids enjoying the Jishaku, posted by our Parent Reviewer From Dates To Diapers And Beyond.

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    Oh my goodness!! I just got this game too!!! I’ll have a review and giveaway on my site starting Sept1!!! It’s so much fun!!!

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