First we tried the wonderful Sleepy Wrap (now named Boba Baby Wrap) and all our reviewers fell in love with it. Now, we would like to share with you another fantastic product from the Boba Family, the new Boba Baby Carrier 3G.  If you’ve owned the Boba Baby Carrier 2G before, this is actually an upgraded version with new and better features which is guaranteed to please any baby wearing parent.

Let’s take a look at the features of Boba Baby Carrier 3G:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Front and back carry options
  • Removable sleeping hood
  • Adjustable sleeping hood, adjusting in length to fit growing babies
  • Zipper pouch may be used to store your hood when not in use
  • Comfortably fits heights 5’0” – 6’3”
  • Waistband range: 25” – 58”
  • Additional adjustments for easier fit & breastfeeding
  • Patent-pending removable foot straps
  • Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
  • Shoulder strap holders keep purses and diaper bags in place
  • Easily adjustable chest strap
  • Uniquely designed to “hug” your child
  • Converts to an infant carrier without an insert
  • Extra head support adjustments for infants
  • Body of carrier rises 2-3” higher than other brands
  • Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage
  • High quality military grade buckles

Suitable to be used for infants and toddlers within the weight range of 7-45lbs,  Boba Carrier 3G stands out from other carriers with a few unique features:

The foot straps – Most of our reviewers adore them! The foot straps are attached to the waist and allows tired little legs to be rested in a froglike position. This position is most healthy to children as it helps aligns the spine. These foot straps are also adjustable, so they can fit your child as he grows.

Value for money – Boba Baby Carrier 3G can easily be converted from an infant carrier to a full body carrier as your child grows up. You don’t even need to purchase any additional insert to use. All you need to do is to follow the instructions on how to modify the carrier. How cool is that!

One size fits all – Regardless the shapes or sizes, this carrier is designed to fit all parents, without the need for an extension belt or any other accessory. The carrier has straps that are fully adjustable and elastic bands are also provided.

For those interested to purchase the Boba Carrier 3G, you can choose from 4 different prints as well as 3 lovely solid colours. FREE SHIPPING is available to Residents of USA while those residing outside of America, you can check the store locator of their distributors here.

Our panel of reviewers across Asia and Australia were specially selected to test the Boba Baby Carrier 3G. Here’s a sneak peek at what they had to say (Full review is available by clicking the links to their posts below):

Mumma Minnis Mes – My final verdict is…. it is a great carrier. For the price, it is an affordable and high quality carrier. You feel safe and secure and have two hands free! Also most importantly, she loved being in it. She was happy and content and so was I. Plus you can’t help just wanting to cuddle them when they are in it!

A Pregnant Pause – Easily adjustable – I think that this is the Boba’s best feature, which is useful for Moms and Dads who share a baby carrier because you can easily slide:
– the chest strap up or down,
– the foot straps along the side of the waist belt

The shoulder and waist straps are easily adjustable too that Hubby and I could take turns using the Boba. I really like the Boba, which is a big help to me when I’m preparing breakfast and dinner

2 Thumbs & A Dummy -First impression I got when I opened the box and actually had the Boba in my hand was how vibrant and Aussie the design was! (Bonus points for having the Aussie touch. Heh.) The Kangaroo print was the runners up in the Boba’s 2010 Spoonflower Design Contest and was designed by Eva Chang. She did an EXCELLENT job coz to me, even Daddy wouldn’t mind putting this on in public! 

Another reason why I am loving the Boba Baby Carrier 3G is because the weight intended for this carrier is 7-45lbs or 3-20kg and through my experience and research there are very few carriers that go up to 20kg, and for us this carrier will go a long way as B is only 10kg and KR is 15kg.

Rambling Moo – Let me tell you why I heart the BOBA so much…..The first few features of the BOBA that attracts me is, it can be converted into an infant carrier without adding any additional inserts. That means, I don’t have to purchase any additional attachments, when I use it on my newborn. One carrier and it grows together with my baby! How awesome is that?!!! Secondly, I just love the idea of it having the removable foot straps. That was such a great idea! It is especially great for toddlers as having their feet dangling for hours is not advisable as they could get tired and the straps actualy give them proper leg support. Thirdly, the cute designs……as you can see, I opted for the kangaroo prints which is so app since we are living in Australia now.

 De Moments – I have my Littlepods, Ergo Spring Green Performance and now Boba 3G, which was sent over for testing. This carrier is currently my boys favourite too!

My boys love them because this carrier (only this carrier, as far as I know), comes with the Removable Foot Straps attached to the waist. This is the main reason I wanted to get a Boba instead of Ergo as these foot straps can give tired little feet a rest. Furthermore, it supports the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position and aligns the spine.


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    Thanks for link and for adding my write up :)

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    I have my Littlepods, Ergo Spring Green Performance and now Boba 3G, which was sent over for testing. This carrier is currently my boys favourite too!

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    Green Blog says:

    Wow, the Boba carrier looks super easy to use, thanks for the details. We would probably consider this for our next child. We bought a LittleLife Freedom child carrier, check out our review;

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