I’ll admit…this is actually the very first time, I’ve ever had cordial in my house. Not because I’m against it or anything..I just never walked down the cordial aisle! When I received the Cottee’s Apple Raspberry, my kids literally jumped on me, and asked if they could have a taste. They were intrigued by the bottle. But, of course! All in the name of a review! I could not help but jazz it up with some sizzle! Added in some mineral water..and wah lah! It was like we were having a mini-party in our home.

The kids loved it. Especially My middle child who keeps asking if we could serve this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s how much he loved it.

About Cottee’s :

Cottee’s was started by a diary farmer, Spencer Cottee, in the 1920s, who also grew too much passionfruit. And he decided to make a passionfruit drink, the very first Cottee’s “Passiona”. It became such a big hit, that he decided to create more drinks from different fruits. Soon, he was also making jams, jellies and even peanut butter!

To read more about the absolutely fascinating history of Cottee’s, please click here. Actually, you should visit their newly revamped website, it’s really interactive with games, downloads and yes..the history!

Buy it! : The new Cottee’s 1L concentrated bottle really means it’s value for money. All you need is 1 part cordial and 9 parts water. That’s a real bonus to me, because it means their drinks doesn’t have to be drowning in sugar, because you can control just how sweet you want it. Unlike prepacked drinks. It will probably take me a while to get through this bottle, because the cordial level doesn’t seem to go down! They have so many other flavours to try and I bet my kids will be dragging me down the cordial aisle. They even have a ‘no added sugar’ range! Cottee’s is available is most supermarkets, and it’s a real life-saver when it comes to impromptu parties or get-togethers.

We had a group of lovely bloggers testing Cottee’s Apple Raspberry Crush as well and here’s what they have to say :

Mumma’s Mini Mes : It was one of those commercials that once you heard it, you would be singing the jingle all day, in the shower, while driving, while you were making dinner. I am sure many of you have caught yourselves doing this, as have I and now you will probably have it stuck in your head all day again!

The Truth About Mummy : Good news friends – it has the same delicious Cottees taste my kids and I love.  The cordial concentrate is thicker and  more syrupy than the old version and does seem to make up well with the lesser amount.

My Happy Place : And the verdict? “Mmmmmm…mmmmm..mmmmmmmm…this is SOOOOOOOO good, Mum. Can you buy us more?”

2 thumbs & a dummy : We received a 1L bottle of Cottee’s Apple Raspberry Crush and I am glad to say that it has been a hit with the girls and myself included. I tried it as soon as we got home and I only had to use just a smidgen to get the full flavour of the cordial.

Mumstrosity :

There’s a couple of things I like about this cordial;

1. It is made up of 50% fruit juice, while it’s main competitor is 30%.

2. It takes up less cupboard space.

3. It tastes good.

Our life in blog form : I love Apple Raspberry and the taste of the more concentrated version is great. They aren’t kidding when they say more concentrated, I had to keep topping up my glass with water to get it to the right strength when I first made it.

Life as we know it : So aside from using half as much to get the same amount of flavour, it makes me pretty darn happy that the kids will be having more water in the glass.  I like the new size of bottle too.

Disclosure of Material Connection : http://cmp.ly/2

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