I’m sure many of you can attest, our daily lives are driven, in a large part, by the technology we use. That means that technology must be congruous to our lives—constantly changing and adapting based on what’s happening, and simple and effective—enabling us to live our lives and not holding us back in any way.

That’s exactly what AVG has realized and tried to create with its new 2012 edition of its trusted Internet Security software. Protection that works behind the scenes to keep you protected and productive. Protection that anyone can use and then not have to worry about. Protection that enhances, rather than limits, the cool things you do online.

AVG 2012 now comes with the all-new AVG Accelerator and AVG Advice features as well as additional protection technologies. Other new features worth mentioning are:

  • Social Networking Protection–each web page and link is checked so you won’t download a virus by clicking on a link you see on Twitter.
  • Uninterrupted gaming– Provides continuous protection during non-stop action in multi-player games without annoying lags and freezes.
  • An early warning system that identifies and stops new threats–Emerging threats are identified in the cloud and are blocked before they reach you.

If it sounds too good to be true, let’s take a look at what our reviewers who had tried and tested the AVG Internet Security 2012 thought of it:

3 Boys and A Dog – Once again, I am impressed at the ease of use of AVG. It is all I have ever used and I have no desire to switch. As a reviewer, I have tried other virus protection programs, but nothing has compared! Just so you can see what it looks like, I took a few screen shots while setting it up and running it for the first time.

Captain Fussybuckets -My favorite feature of AVG Internet Security is that you can adjust the speed and amount of resources used while scanning. If you’re going to be away from your computer, you can set the scan to run on “High Priority” so it will scan quickly. There are also three other options you can choose, depending on what you’re doing on your computer and how fast you want it to scan. In the picture below, I have it set to “User Sensitive” (see bottom left) because well, I’m typing this blog as AVG scans! It’s not interrupting what I’m doing and I’m not interrupting the scan!

Babas Farm LifeOne improvement that I’m loving is the speed accelerator for watching videos! I watch a lot of videos on youtube and normally have no problem but it’s nice to know that a bit of acceleration is there if I need it. This is what pops up when I watch a youtube video now. The AVG accelerator makes downloading faster and watching videos without interruption easy and fast. I love that!

Right Reads – Yay!!! The 4,000 over errors have been fixed! Thank you so much, AVG Technologies, for cleaning up my laptop. Everything’s in tip-top condition now and the laptop does run faster now that it’s all cleaned up. Feels as good as new.

Sewing Mom – The download was super simple and took maybe 10 minutes time. AVG Internet Security 2012 is not just an anti-virus protector, but also helps block spam. What I really like is that it also protects this netbook from picking up malicious links from Facebook. With Facebook recently having been hacked, it made it clear that we do have to protect ourselves even from our favorite websites. The AVG security software also checks links as you surf the web, ensuring that websites are safe before they open up in your browser. With this netbook being something my daughter uses on a daily basis, I feel like I’m not just protecting her computer, but I’m protecting her. Isn’t that my job as a mom afterall?

Jamerican Spice – I was skeptical that this accelerator would work and tried it a bunch of times because I always have buffering going on in the videos I have to watch. I seriously squealed with delight when I realize that it was working and does work! I think this is one of my favorite features because I am always listening to music and watching videos!

Living in Lala Land – Starting up a new internet security can sometimes be difficult to understand and set up. The AVG was easy to get started. I went to the site, agreed to the user agreement, activated my license, selected the custom install and downloaded it. Once it was done downloading I had to restart my computer and I was good to go.

Busy Mommy Product Review – Another piece of technology that I LOVE is the AVG Accelerator. Most of the other security products that I have used slowed down my computer. AVG Internet Security 2012 actually SPEEDS IT UP! It accelerates the download of binary files and minimizes the hangs and delays while watching videos on YouTube. AVG Accelerator is enabled as a default setting when you switch on.

 This Southern Girls Nest – Every once in a while when I have a few things open at once, usually Pinterest, email, Facebook, and a website, AVG will do a little “boost” to help keep things moving quickly. Not sure how in the world it does this, but I’m not complaining. Also when it does get a little overloaded it will pop up and say that I should close such and such and reopen it to get it to move faster. Love this feature!

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