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Parenting SoftwareWhen hubby and I first became new parents, we found out that the responsibilities were simply overwhelming. Due to the lack of experience, there was so much to learn and even more so to be afraid of. Many a times, we were not even sure whether we were doing the correct things.

Like any other new parents, one of the most challenging task was night feeding. So, to ensure that each of us got a couple of hours sleep, we took turns feeding Ryan, our baby at that time. I remembered we had this little notepad that we used to jot down how much milk Ryan had consumed and at what time he was fed. This made it easier for the person doing the next feeding so that we did not have to wake each other to check on this information.

This little notepad continued to be used as a record book when we sent Ryan to my mother in law for babysitting. At the end of the day, when we picked Ryan up from her place,  it was an easy way for us to have a feel of his milk consumption level or occasionally when needed, the time he last took his medication.

Now, with the availability of Baby Insights, Babble Soft’s baby software, tech savvy parents and caregivers can easily track everything from sleep periods, breastfeeding times, bottle feeding times and amounts, pumping times and amounts, medicine doses to diaper changes and more! Parents just need to log on and input all the necessary information about their baby and they will be readily available and easily accessible from anywhere around the world via the laptop, the portable PDA or even the smart phone.

Imagine being able to share access with your paediatrician and view daily graphs and reports that can help you make well informed decisions. Without a doubt,  Baby Insights will make a great tool for every new parent looking to ease the first few months of learning about child care. Take a tour of Baby Insights and find out how amazingly useful it is!

Besides Baby Insights, Babble Soft also provides Baby Say Cheese, which allows parents to create and share an online baby album. Parents are able to incorporate their new born baby’s photos, provide captions on their milestones as well as include a family tree. This way, family and friends can easily go online to experience your baby’s memorable events.

BUY IT : You can sign up for Babble Soft’s 15 days’ FREE TRIAL HERE!. Babble Soft’s Mobile Software promises to make transition into parenthood a little easier and will make a great gift idea for new parents. Why not Purchase the subscription here as a gift for your friends or loved ones? Trust me, they’ll still thank you for it many years down the line :)

Check out the experience of our Parent Reviewers who had reviewed a trial version of Babble Soft’s Parenting Software:

Mott’s Island I tried the 15 day trial myself, as I had been having problems with breastfeeding. With my mastities and tendency to get blocked ducts, I had to ensure that I fed from each breast and emptied them. I sometimes, forget which side I fed last from because of tiredness/lack of sleep. A quick check with Babblesoft’s™ “Baby Insights”, helped me get the feeding on track, and now, my boobs have so far been ‘free-flowing’. ;-)

A big thumbs up for this site, and if you are a new parent and for whatever reason, seem to be finding it hard to keep track of your baby’s feeding/sleeping, this is a great baby software in making sure all the information is at your fingertips!

Cheeks To Cheeks – Has your baby’s Pediatrician asked you this question before, “How much does (baby’s name) consume each day?” I’m sure 10 out of 10 parents have been asked and most likely some of us guessed out the answer. With this baby software, you can track the amount your baby is consuming and the amount you pump each day. By the time your baby is up for her next check up, you have a report on hand to show the doctor.

I would highly recommend it to first time parents only if the parents are 1) Stay at home Mom/Dad 2) Work from home Mom/Dad 3) Who has a caretaker who is savvy with computer.

The Pond – BabbleSoft is an ingenious software program that allows you some sanity. The Baby Insights section allows you to make notations like diaper changes and when your baby sleeps. You would not believe how much simpler your day can be when you keep track of feedings and other natural occurrences. It is a life saver if your baby develops a rash. By logging in to your caregiver account, you can see what your baby had to eat, and make adjustments to keep the rash from happening again. A simple glance at your Baby Insights caregiver account tells your baby’s story. The software is also helpful to moms who are breastfeeding and want a record of times etc.

Quiverfull Family – All trackable items include ample space for comments, and a handy graph to view the last week for each item.  I’ve never seen such comprehensive reports and tracking features for baby care before!

While this software is definitely useful for sorting through the confusion of the first months with a new baby, it will be particularly helpful for those whose babies experience health challenges such as reflux, prematurity and any other issues where careful attention must be paid to feeding schedules, pumping and medication.  It will truly shine, and be a life-saver in these circumstances for new parents.

Rockin Mama – When I was first introduced to the company I was so impressed with the philosophy behind it.  Do you know how many nights I scribbled something down only to wake up wondering what in the world I had written?  

Baby Insights helps parents and caregivers communicate about their newborns care and patterns.  Once inputted, parents can review the information and make crucial decisions about sleep, breastfeeding support and feeding. The software allows tracking of sleep periods, breast and/or bottlefeeding times and amounts, diaper changes, pumping, medications, and immunization schedules.

Julian & Morin’s Photoblog – Recently I tried out Babble Soft online software which parents track among many, sleep periods, breastfeeding times, bottle feeding times and amounts, immunizations, medicine doses as well as diaper changes. At the moment, I keep track of my kids in a spreadsheet but this baby software helps me keep them online and I can access them from anywhere, whether at home or at work. With a spreadsheet, unless you keep them in a thumb drive, you tend to forget where you keep the file. I personally think it is a great parenting software especially for parent like me who likes to keep track of such information.

Cass KnitsBabblesoft has created Baby Insights, a program that allows you to track feeds, pumps, meds AND sleep schedules for your infant. Sleep schedules? That was about the only thing I didn’t track, LOL! And then when you need to talk to the doctor or midwife, all the info is right there at your fingertips.

Sassy FrazzBabble Soft is a great new site that allows me to keep track of everything with this new baby! I will be able to track both my schedule and my newborns schedule with Baby Insights. I can type in when I breastfed, pumped, or if I took medicine. Baby Insights keeps track of Daily Summaries, as well as a weekly summary. I can also keep track of my baby’s feeding schedule, diaper changes, medicines taken, and if my baby has a bottle, I can track how many ounces. I love this baby software to help me keep track of everything with my new baby. It is a great way that my husband and I can look at anytime, or we can share this site with our care provider, so they know what our baby has been up to.

Montessorimum – There’s this special column for mum as well as for baby. Under the mum’s session, you get to key in your breastfed schedule and pumping schedule as well as what time and when to feed your baby’s medicine. It’s great especially for working mum who breastfeed , when these mums need to express breastmilk during office hour for their babies. With this software, it’s easy to keep track how many times to pump as well as how many time each pumping session can yield.

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    […] public links >> parent Babble Soft – THE Web Software For New Parents Saved by kojiroBADNESS on Sun 21-9-2008 The “Parent Bloggers Do It Best” Giveaway! Saved by […]

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    […] A few months ago, I had the pleasure of working with Aruni Gunasegaram, the founder of Babblesoft. Through our partnership, I learnt a lot about Babblesoft. Though there wasn’t such a software back then when I had my babies, I am still a strong supporter of Babblesoft as I believe new parents will benefit a lot from using it. You can read all  our reviews of Babblesoft’s Baby Insights and Baby Say Cheese software here. […]

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