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A couple of weeks back, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Trebellina and Friends, via DVD. I admitted, initially I was a little skeptical about this DVD, as I wasn’t so sure if my kids would be captivated by Trebellina.

But, guess what? My kids were enthralled by these guys, and till today, they still insist on playing it. Despite the countless of times, they’ve seen it, they never seem to be bored by it. They love singing together with Trebellina and Friends, and they love it when they start teaching all the various musical instruments.

About Trebellina and Friends

The Trebellina DVD occupies a special place in a modern baby’s musical development.  Trebellina fills the gap between the mommy-and-me music classes currently offered to young children and the formal music lessons that young children typically wait years before they can begin.   Trebellina also helps round out the musical experience for young children who study Suzuki through its emphasis on reading written music. Moreover, with Trebellina, parents jumpstart their children’s music education at a fraction of the cost of just one typical music lesson!

Some very lucky reviewers were given the opportunity to review Trebellina and Friends, and here’s what they have to say:

As They Grow Up – When we first received Trebellina, I wasn’t sure how my son would feel about it. He watches a little television, but not alot. It always looses his attention. From the time I started this wonderful DVD, his eyes never left the screen. He feel in love with Trebellina, Mr. Bassy and Da Notes right away. Oops, I almost forgot Rythmo. He is just as important as all the others.

Home School Blogger – The combination of familiar music, fun toys, and small children are enough to hold any child’s interest.  While the rest of us viewed this dvd as boring and redundant, Ian was (and is) mesmerized by it.  He calls it the “plano moomie” (translation: piano movie) and asks for it over and over again.

Contests and Giveaways – All in all, this is a really cute and fun DVD. Kids will enjoy the music, parents will enjoy the thought that it is teaching their kids music. We will continue to have her watch this as she gets older, and I think it will help her read music along the way-at least she’ll have fun!

Babies Gotta Have It – Without becoming too complex, the video sets out to introduce the treble staff, the notes on the staff, and the letter names of those notes.  It then goes on to show in a very clever way how those written notes correspond to notes on the piano.  In between the introduction of the notes, several instruments are introduced, accompanied by a brief sample of the sounds that they make. There is also a segment in which the little purple tornado-shaped character, Rhythmo, urges kids to get up and dance while counting 1-2-3-4 to the music.  The soundtrack is simple but effective–basic melodies (some of which I recognized) played on real instruments, not synthesizers.

5 Vinez Monkeys – The first time I put Trebellina in, none of the kids moved. They were completely enthralled. Then, the next thing I knew, they were up dancing in front of the tv and singing right along. We’ve watched it a dozen times in the last week and Lucy still stands right in front of the tv, laughing, dancing, and singing right along. She can now name the instruments, say all of the notes in order, counts rhythm, and can even sing most of the notes completely on key! I’m amazed at what she has learned in the short time we’ve had Trebellina.

Lotsa Cheeks – The DVD captivated them for a good mere 20 minutes (the DVD is about 30 minutes long). I thought to myself, “Oh no! They are not interested in this DVD. I will have to find another method to teach them music.” Needless to say I was quite disappointed. But my disappointment dissipates the next day. My three year old (who insists she is four) was playing in a corner with her toy instruments and started to name out each one of them. She had never done that before. Imagine the joy! It was like hearing Christmas bells in the air.

Ember Patch – For the past month E has been wearing out the DVD player. She got a few new DVD’s and by far her favorite has been Trebellina. She has watched it so many times that I personally am sick of it. Despite my annoyance at having to watch the same DVD’s over and over, the DVD is a great learning tool. She is actually learning a little music.

Mom Most Travelled – I hope that one day Jojo will play the violin, like I did when I was 6. I think Trebellina (a cartoon treble clef), Rock Bassey (bass clef, of course) and Rhythmo (a curly thingy) will help pave the way for Jojo to be a successful music student as they equip him with valuable musical theory long before he ever takes a formal lesson.

Sassy Frazz – My kids liked singing (matching the note) with Trebellina. My kids liked this DVD and request watching it. I think it is an easy way to introduce the basics at an early age. The graphics aren’t high quality, but the lessons and teachings are of great quality.

Mom Start – It’s not a miracle teaching device. There is no miracle teaching device in my opinion. Teaching your children takes work from the parent and the ability from your child to pay attention. All children learn differently. I do believe though you can teach toddlers at a very young age how to play the piano, how to sing, or even how to read. The Trebellina DVD even tells you that you should reinforce this learning with sheet music, singing, or your own musical instrument. We’re learning with our own keyboard with the help of Trebellina, C D E F G A B.

Makiko – One time, we watched the DVD with Matt’s cousin Ryx and his mom (an elementary student teacher). My SIL, Ryx’s mom, said that the lessons from the Trebellina DVD are the same lessons they teach in their music class. It’s just amazing. So my final say: As a mom, I believe Trebellina is the perfect choice in introducing musical concepts, not only to my kid, but to babies and toddlers. And can I just add (in a whisper), I’m telling you I’m also learning from it. *wink*

De Moments – I had a chance to sit down in front of the TV and watch how it introduce different types of musical instruments, it’s sound, simple introduction of the piano key and notes. There are even some common and catchy children tunes like Old Mac Donald and Row Row Row A Boat which QQ can sing together and roughly gets an idea on how the tune is being played on a piano through the video shown.

The Mom Buzz – The images and video are simple. But overall it’s a great way of introducing musical concepts to little ones. Trebellina has won many awards and accolades from “noteworthy” organizations, including Dr. Toy, iParenting Media, Aegis, Dove and The National Parenting Center. Plus, my 2 year old LOVED it. He asks for the DVD by name! And he follows along with the notes, repeating them.

Ponderings From My Heart – My son is 4 and he was so excited to watch the DVD as soon as it came in the mail. Amazingly enough, the DVD actually kept his attention throughout the entire running time of the movie! Trebellina introduced him to a variety of different instruments, rhythm, as well as tones and pitch. The part that I found to be most fantastic, was that my son was interacting with the characters in the DVD by repeating different letters of the notes aloud as well as counting aloud along with the DVD.

Quiver Full Family – The child approval rating for the disc runs high in our home. All of our children from age six down to our ten-month-old baby are fascinated by the bright, fun-filled antics of Trebellina. They are learning the names of a variety of instruments, singing note names along with Trebellina, dancing to the live action sequences, and clapping along with Rhythmo. I might be imagining things, but I believe I heard our wee baby sing “F” after I echoed Trebellina’s introduction to the note.

Crumley Blog – I popped the DVD in and watched Fuller watch the DVD. Fuller seemed interested and watched almost the entire 32 minutes. What I saw of the DVD was reminiscent of a Baby Einstein DVD and kind of hokey. But then again, Baby Einstein is hokey and we had plenty of Baby Einstein when Fuller was smaller, so I don’t view hokey as a reason to dislike Trebellina. Just consider it a warning to parents: hokey DVD interesting and captivating to the four year old, Mom was rolling her eyes.

One House School Room Reviews – I was so impressed with this DVD from the start to the end. Within minutes of the beginning, both of my children were singing the scale and beating out rhythms on the couch. The DVD kept the attention of both my preschooler, my 1st grader, and our 2 year old niece.

Crunchy Green Mom – I got the Trebellina DVD in the mail the other day and popped it into the player when I wanted to get some magazines out of my pile. I did not even get halfway through the video before I realized that I was watching it just as intently as my daughters were.

Julian and Morin’s Photoblog – Trebellina is revolutionary music teaching series for children as young as one year old. When we first played the DVD, Raelynne including her brother Raelan was glued to the TV. Trebellina designed the music learning as easy as possible for kids. In fact, for me who have less interest in musical notes and instruments find it easy to understand. Maybe because its visually enriching.

Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews – Already I can tell that ‘Lil Moomette, who’s 2-1/2 has inherited some musical talent!  It’s so fun to watch her reaction and interpretation when she hears a sound that’s pleasing or unusual to her!  Every day is an adventure when she’s learning something new & Trebellina makes it so enjoyable, both for the kids, parents and grandparents!

Sassy Irish Lassie – Initially he liked trying to mimic Trebellina singing the notes. Trebellina would say the name of the note and then demonstrate it by singing it. Sounds simple enough. Then they introduce two of the other characters as well a variety of musical instruments. Sadly, after about 10 minutes of the program, my son lost interest and walked out of the room.  I tried a few day later to get him to watch it again to no avail. 

The Mud Bug -My 5yo loved it more then my 4yo did. I keep the DVD in our minivan. I figured that if I wanted them to learn anything make them sit still. An impossible feat at home. My 5yo asks for it all time. She says ‘Can we want the trebel movie?’. So cute. I would say that Trebellina is a big hit in my house as far as the girls are concerned and that I am happy with. I do have to say that the music can be a bit tinny at times but otherwise I would label Trebellina as a definite purchase for your kids. 

Mom On The Rise –  My daughter has always liked music, a preference that she inherits from me. I play piano by ear and while I also read music, I have always believe that learning the notes was the most difficult part of learning the piano. However, Trebellina tries to teach the notes of the treble cliff as well as attempting to teach pitch. Each note sings its name and my daughter sings in reply. for her, Trebellina is a fun way to sing and make noise.

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    Brandy says:

    Looks like a great DVD! I look forward to following along the blog tour!

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    […] BUY IT: At a very affordable price, I can very safely say, it is great value for money. Your child will insist on replaying this over and over again. They won’t get bored by it, as kids just love shouting out the next instrument that appears and they certainly love bouncing around to all the music! Don’t believe me? Check out what our panel of reviewers had to say. […]

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    […] patiently waiting for the Trebellina sequel, as we’ve reviewed it during our blog tour in May 2009. We hope that we’ll be able to see this new sequel, in the coming […]

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