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All of us at Parent Reviewers, have a soft spot for parentpreneurs because most of the time, their online stores feature some of the coolest as well as safest products ideal for the kids or even the whole family. So, let me introduce another great site, NMC Toys , which was developed by parents of two small children in 2007.

Here’s an excerpt from “About NMC Toys” taken from their website:

There was much news regarding the quality and safety of toys produced in China during the summer of 2007. We walked through the toy department of big box retailers and could not find a toy produced outside of China. Gone were the wooden blocks, dolls and wooden trains we played with as children. These toys were replaced with cheap plastic toys that had character ties to movies and cereals. We then turned to the internet and were frustrated by the lack of alternatives and lack of country of origin information. We experienced first hand the frustration and angst associated with taking away our child’s favorite toy that was recalled and we routinely threw away toys within a few days or weeks of purchase due to poor quality. These experiences led to the development of

We are proud to partner with a company whose mission is to provide quality toys that can stimulate and challenge a child’s mind, foster a child’s imagination, improve their motor skills and above all,  able to bolster their self-esteem.

A couple of weeks ago, our reviewers were sent the Holgate Baby Blocks to test out. These made in USA blocks are great for teaching your baby about organizing, balancing and stacking, to develop hand-eye coordination as well as help build fine-motor skills.

Each set comes crafted from Hard Maple wood and contains 6 blocks. Cute colourful pictures of animals, alphabets, numbers and other graphics are presented on each side of the blocks and provides a creative way to introduce infant of age 1 and above to colors, letters, and fun drawings. What I especially like is the smooth rounded edges of the blocks which makes it safe for young infant. Blocks also have a long lasting appeal as many kids will happily play with them from baby to the toddler years. Thus, making it a worthy investment.

Here’s a look at what our parent reviewers had to say about The Holgate Baby Blocks:

Just A Mom’s Take On Things Since that first day, she’s played with this set many times – either on her own or with me. I love how simple the letters and pictures are – they’re easy to see and for her to identify. We can talk about the animal faces – and what each animal ‘says’, which letter is which, and I love quizzing her on her colors with these blocks. There are only six blocks – but somehow they provide much more entertainment and educational value than other larger sets that we own or she’s played with elsewhere. Plus, I can bring these blocks with us when we go out and about – with only six of them to keep track of, it’s much less stressful for me and a lot of fun for her.

Come Shop With WhoIsBaby – Beside being an educational toy, a child can stack up these 6 blocks and be as creative as one could. My son likes this activity – stacking the blocks. He is very imaginative as well. He would stack a different shape every time and tell me it is “Disneyland” or “Marukai” or “Mall” or “Grandma’s house” and so on.

Sassy Frazz – I am really impressed with how these blocks were designed. The blocks have great, colorful graphics on each of the six sides. I can easily introduce colors, shapes, and letters to my kids with the Holgate Baby Blocks!

Babies Gotta Have It – I love these blocks for so many reasons!  All the components of the blocks are made in the U.S.A. They exceed all U.S. safety standards, are decorated with non-toxic paint, and they come from my home state of Pennsylvania.  Secondly, I like playing with them–they are smooth, solid, and have that wonderful depth that only wooden toys have (see video).  Third, the Holgate Toy Company has been around for 200 years, producing heirloom quality wooden toys.  They are everything an American toy company should be.

Miche Reviews – Blocks are truly a parent’s best friend and a child’s greatest learning tool, and my favorite blocks are Holgate Baby Blocks. They are made of sound wood, the beautiful brightly colored images don’t chip off after rough use (trust me, if my two year old can’t scratch or eat the images off, nothing can), and best of all, THEY ARE MADE IN AMERICA. Yes, you can heave a big sigh of relief when your child does decide to try licking the blocks because everything is safe, non toxic and made to last for your kid’s grandkids to use. I am in love with the blocks and have already ordered more to give as gifts.

Lisa Reviews – Will likes to stack two of them on top of one another and then knock them over and go “oh oh”.  What surprised me with these blocks is that Madison loves them just as much.  She builds a big tower with them and has Will knock it over.  She also likes the letters on them too. She tells me the letter, and we discuss all of the words that start with that letter that she can think of.  These blocks are a great toy for both of my kids, and I would highly recommend them.

Shake The Salt – We have had a lot of fun playing with the blocks… stacking, lining them up, talking about the letters, numbers, and animals.  They are well made – very solid without being heavy and is made from a renewable wood source. 

Lille Punkin’ ReviewsHolgate Baby Blocks from NMC Toys were the perfect size for my eager 20-month old. He stacked them easily, knocked them down, and started again. They were basic in their design (bright colors, familiar pictures) but there were a few things that really stood out…

The Dirty Shirt – I recently had the opportunity to review a set of Holgate Baby Blocks from NMC Toys and let me just tell you that after giving them to my 15 month old she was so enthralled by them that she sat in one spot and played with them for over half an hour. She absolutly loved these blocks.

Mogul Baby – They are recommended for age one, but I think a two-year-old would be interested in playing with them too. There are six wooden blocks decorated with letters, numbers and cute graphics. Your little one can create three letter words or just drool over them.

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy – I thought of them more for my 2 year old if anything, but my 5 year old also enjoyed them. They both loved the colorful wooden blocks and all they could do with them, it was quite surprising to see that something so simple could give so much enjoyment even to those kids who aren’t ‘babies’ anymore.

All Because Two People Fell In Love – My little one has had tons of fun playing with these blocks!! She has enjoyed stacking them, lining them up, sorting them and identifying the letters, numbers, and animals on each of the blocks. The blocks offer simple drawings that make it easier for the little ones to identify. They kept her entertained on a long car trip by telling her brother what each block had on them. The blocks are very well made! They feel very solid without being too heavy for little hands. The best part about the blocks is that they are made from a renewable wood source.

Mom 2 BB Reviews – The rounded edges of the blocks received a two thumbs up from me as a great safety feature for babies. There are numerous ways to play with these blocks but for the younger babies, you can start off by stacking them up towerlike and letting your baby knock them down.  My 18 months old niece had a blast with these blocks as she was already able to sort them by colors. We have also started teaching her to recognize some of the pictures and when she grows older, we will use these blocks to teach her simple three letter words.

Cutie Booty Reviews – I highly recommend this toy. It reminds me of toys of yesteryear that did not have all the bells and whistles. Simple learning toys that require your child to use their imagination. If your child is from one to three I think she will enjoy learning and playing with the blocks as much as Mekhi does.

The Domestic Diva – Since introducing Holgate Baby Blocks to my little one in our home, I’ve seen the joy that simple block toys can bring on a child’s face. There are days where my son will just sit in the floor and play for hours with these blocks even though they don’t make any noise or flash any lights. The joy of stacking and knocking over the blocks is enough to satisfy him.

Happily Ever After –  Tyler has gotten better at his hand-eye-coordination, and these blocks are perfect to help him develop his motor skills. I have a number of other stacking toys, but this is the first set that I came across that were wooden – LOVE that! Even though they were wooden, they had soft edges to them, so I wasn’t worried about Tyler hurting himself with them. The blocks were nice and solid, and compared to other wooden toys that we have, they held up quite well to Tyler’s banging them on things. We’ve had other wooden toys that chipped and needed to be thrown away.

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    […] January 2009) which host a huge variety of bloggers and products, to get some incite on how other bloggers reviews. Now you will find reviews all over the net, paid, unpaid, free products, or even moms reviewing […]

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    Michelle says:

    This blocks are beautiful. I’ll have to check out NMC Toys website. Love that they are made in the US and safe.

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    Those blocks look great. I’ve actually got something like those on our christmas buying list this year.

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    Caroline says:

    As a parent who spent a good deal of time last year trying to find pretend food that was not made in China, I like that they’re made in the US. But what really jumped out at me from the picture was the graphics on them. They look great.

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    […] January 2009) which host a huge variety of bloggers and products, to get some incite on how other bloggers review. Now you will find reviews all over the net, paid, unpaid, free products, or even moms reviewing […]

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    learning toys can enable your kids to develop their motor skills quite easily ‘~.

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