In this June Book Blog Tour, Parent Reviewers had two wonderful books to review, namely, Isabella and her Polka Dot Umbrella by Carla Forrest and The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide, 5th Edition by Triumph Dining.

Isabella and her Polka Dot Umbrella is about a young girl who keeps her mom and dad on their toes constantly, as she has unlimited energy levels. One day, she is out with her polka dot umbrella and Elvis, her dog and with her imagination, transforms the dull boring day into a magical day of adventure! It’s a great book to read to young children, as more often than not, we are bogged down by the drudgery of life.

About the author :

This book was written by Carla Forrest, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and 2 wonderful big brown dogs. She was inspired to write Isabella and her Polka Dot Umbrella by her own busy Isabella, who is her daily inspiration. When she is not spending time with her family, she works as an occupational therapist for a local school district, helping students with special needs.

Here’s what other reviewers have to say about it :

Musings of a Mom : Personally, I find the story very original.  There were some new words that the kids took away  – words like galoshes and mosey.

A Year of Jubilee Reviews  : Written in poetic form we get the fill of Isabella’s adventures. A busy girl, with a vivid imagination that takes her to a day filled with fun. This story will have your little ones searching out their umbrella on the next rainy day, to head out for an adventure!

Mom 2 BB Reviews : This incredibly fun book would make an ideal gift for the imaginative child. I highly recommend it to be used in daycare, preschool as well as kindy.

Blessed Beyond Words : Lucy and I both give this book 2 thumbs up. We loved the story, we loved the pictures, and we loved spending time together reading it. It’s not too long, making it the perfect bedtime story, or it can be used as a tool to spark a conversation with your little ones.


The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide 5th Edition has been an invaluable resource for people who are gluten intolerant and are unable to waft through a mountain of products that scream “BUY ME!”. It provides a systematic categorised listing of products, just as if you were buying a product, in the aisle of a grocery store. There are more than 3,000 brands to choose from, 44,000 products to look at (up from the 30,000 products that was published in the older edition). With the food industry more aware of catering to the needs of gluten intolerant customers, I’m sure this book will keep on churning on new editions for years to come!

About the authors  :

In 2004, our original founders were living in a new city — Philadelphia — and found that avoiding social opportunities with food was not an effective way to make friends. And he was overwhelmed by how challenging it was to find restaurants to take his fiancée (now wife) where he could actually order something gluten-free.

Then his wife had a brilliant idea: “Let’s make dining cards to teach restaurants how to prepare gluten free foods!”

Together, the couple visited kitchen restaurants, interviewed chefs, read product labels, and studied dozens of cookbooks. They built lists of foods they could both eat, foods to avoid, and the likely pitfalls they might encounter at restaurants. Eventually, they turned these lists into thorough and foolproof instructions, and enlisted translators – three translators per card, actually – to ready them for ethnic restaurants.


Here’s what our reviewers have to say :

mott’s island : I found it very easy to refer to, and having them, organized by category, then subcategory, then by product name makes it look like a grocery store itself! Definitely very easy to read!

Blessed beyond Words: If you are living gluten free, if you are trying to start, or even if you are just thinking about trying more gluten free items, I highly recommend this book. I keep my copy inside my reusable bags so that I have it every time I enter the grocery store. I have my favorite items circled, and I’ve written the aisle number beside my favorite items.



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