• ISBN-10: 1932690808
  • ISBN-13: 978-1932690804
  • These days, the majority of girls feel they do not measure up in some way including their looks, performance in school and relationships. As parents, we can help reduce these pressure by encouraging them to be their own individuals and letting them know that it is definitely alright not to conform to the norm.

    In line with the above purpose, parents can utilize Awakening Consciousness : A Girl’s Guide! to help promote self awareness among girls. Written by Robin Marvel, this workbook focuses on how to connect with your inner being and encourage young girls to explore their spirituality.

    Topics covering auras, chakras, meditation, attitude, aromatherapy, dreaming, crystals, and angels are presented in short lessons with exercises and discussions which helps encourage reader participation. While this workbook is not age specific, I believe it will greatly benefit girls in their tweens and teens. Take for example, most teens, who tend to be more challenging to parents and often squabble with their younger siblings will find the ChakraCize created for the heart chakra helpful to filter out the feelings of hurt and to regain focus on the importance of love.

    I would like to add that parents who emphasize on the importance of religion should read this book with an open mind as it generally does not incorporate teachings found in the Bible or other religious works. Otherwise, you will find Awakening Consciousness : A Girl’s Guide! to be an interactive and fun book ideal for girls of all ages.

    If you would like to know what other parents think of this book, you can read excerpts of their reviews below. Click on the link for their full reviews:

    A Pregnant Pause – If someone had introduced to me the affirmation and visualization exercises found in “Awakening Consciousness”, I would definitely have had a more positive attitude towards myself!

    Because the guide includes some advanced poses in yoga e.g. the shoulder stand and the headstand, this book must definitely be used with an adult who is a yoga practitioner himself/herself to prevent injury.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls – With all the media out there teaching girls that they have to look a certain way, just to be someone, this book was a welcome breath of fresh air. Robin really focuses on being yourself, no matter what. She teaches girls to love who they are- to love their insides as well as their outsides.

    Mommy Brain Reports – Although my girls are only 3 years old right now, I did read it to them, and they liked to participate in the activities with me! I wanted to start now, and try to begin teaching them how important and fun it can be to meditate. I am hoping that when they’re older, and able to do these exercises on their own, they’ll really love it and include them in their daily lives. I actually wish that a book like this existed when I was younger. 

    Mom of 2 Dancers – I found the book very interesting and fascinating to read. I think it has some great activities for tween and teen girls to help them figure things out. It opens up a lot of these girls to a whole other world. Knowledge is power, being positive and having a high self esteem will get you so far in life. I definitely give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

    Sewing MomAwakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide is not only filled with simple, common sense methods of encouraging spiritual growth and self awareness in young ladies, but it is also a workbook filled with wonderful exercises that are simple and yet thought provoking. Many of the exercises were things that we do in our family on a regular basis and yet, reading the exercises along with my daughter allowed us to talk about it openly, something we don’t always do.

    Loving Heart Mommy – I actually read this book going through a quite different time in my life, there has been a lot of negative instead of positive, even though this book is designed for girls, I believe anyone can get a lil’ something from this book.

    The workbook is full of fun meditations and exercises and they can actually calm your soul, the do have a wonderful effect if your feeling hurt or stressed!

    Mak!Mej! – From reading the book, I learned a lot about auras, chakras, crystals and aromatherapy among others. I honestly, honestly had no clue about the meaning of aura colors and I surely didn’t know about the seven chakras before. I just didn’t have any idea about all that but the book tackled a bit about these topics and I’m glad because at least I now know what these things mean. I was also fascinated with the pendulum and the grounding (to the Earth) exercises. And my favorite exercises (in the book) would be tabout scrubbing the aura,  the pendulum, the grounding and I absolutely like the crafts for aromatherapy!


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      Wow – this sounds like an excellent guide! Thank you!

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      This is just the book I need. I have a growing 9 year old and She is getting to the age where soemtimes she is so confident and sometimes she is so unsure. I am going to grab this isbn number and go look for it.

      Thanks for sharing !

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