Congratulations to the 12 winners of our email subscriber draw for the month of October. We were excited to give away so many prizes this round. Here are the lucky subscribers who have won the following books:

Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog

  1. Michelle Lloyd
  2. Janet Carpentar
  3. Summer Flood
  4. Nicole Green
  5. Tamara Bennington
  6. Waiting for subscriber to reply


Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat

  1. Jenna Gaskill
  2. Rachel Coe
  3. Erin Lane
  4. M. Haque
  5. Rebekah Crain
  6. Waiting for subscriber to reply



For November’s draw, we’re giving away a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family to SIX lucky subscribers. Here’s a peek at what this new title is all about:

We all think that we have dysfunctional families, or at least some wacky relatives, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family (Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC, 978-1-935096-39-9, October 2009, $14.95) offers 101 candid and often hilarious stories about real families in all their dysfunctional glory. With chapters about eccentrics, in-laws, family vacations, holiday meltdowns, sibling issues, family secrets, forgiveness, and many other issues, everyone will recognize their own families in some stories or discover a new respect for their relative normalcy.

Who wouldn’t think their family was relatively normal after reading about the Thanksgiving dinner in the more liberal 1970s when Anastasia Ashman’s father baked marijuana into the stuffing and turned his in-laws into unusually happy and hungry guests? And how do your relatives look after reading about Tolly Moseley’s beloved aunt, who broke into her house to redecorate her Christmas tree? Your Christmas might seem a little saner after reading about Anne Crawley’s mother-in-law who “guilted” her family into driving through waist-high snow on Christmas Day to eat her pasta, and then complained that it was getting cold after they almost killed themselves getting there.

Theresa Hupp recounts how she learned from her adult daughter that the girl had thought she was adopted for years because her older brother told her so. And the book contains more serious stories too, such as June Waters’ tale of visiting her paranoid, mentally ill sister, reluctantly wearing tin foil around her head so “they” couldn’t listen, and finally escaping in the middle of the night, fearing for her safety. Numerous stories explore abandonment, forgiveness, and reunions, such as Robynn Ashwood’s discovery of numerous unknown half-siblings from the four marriages of her father, who had walked out on her family (his second) four decades earlier.

Family secrets and personal confessions – hilarious anecdotes and poignant reflections – quirky yet lovable relatives and real nightmares – Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family has it all.

Hurry, sign up as our email subscriber and you’ll stand a chance to win these awesome books plus other fabulous gifts during our monthly draw.

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