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Some of you may recall that we did a Blog Tour of Sikulu & Harambe By The Zambezi River in 2008 and the book received glowing reviews from most parents.

Well, once again, we are launching another Blog Tour to gauge the opinion and feedback from another group of reviewers from our PR Team. Check out how they felt about the book:

Momma Findings – The Illustrations: They were intriciately drawn, but colored in as if by a child. That really stood out to me because it really brought the story to my child’s level, helped them feel as if another child may have colored the pages in.

Little Kiwi – I would suggest the book Sikulu and Harambe to any parent trying to teach their children how helping can change the world. In Sikulu and Harambe I have learned that one small act can make a big difference. So if you want to make a difference in your child’s life, buy this book with great morals for them to learn.

Amanda – Sarah really enjoyed this story! I think that it is a perfect story to read to your children to help them overcome a fear and of course about being helpful and caring! After reading the story we discussed it together. Sam thought it was sad that the others didn’t want to help the old woman save her clothes, and was so excited to see Sikulu and Harambe help her. She also thought it was neat they received a reward for being so helpful.

My Three Wisemans – We would recommend this book for your family. The boys loved the colorful pictures.  They were very worried about the old woman getting her clothes back and were happy when Sikulu & Harambe jumped in to save them.  After reading the book the boys and I had a nice conversation about helping others.  I know that the moral of this story was received by all three of them.  I also like the facts in the back of the book.  Not only was the story a good moral lesson but the facts teach them about a different culture and about a few animals as well.

Production Not Reproduction – My three-year old really liked this book. We happen to have a spider and hippo in our stuffed animal collection, and bringing them out helped him connect to the story. He dubbed them Sikulu and Harambe and made sure the spider rode around hanging onto the hippo’s ears, just as Sikulu does in the pictures. He even carried both animals and the book to daycare to share with his friends. (His daycare provider gave the book a thumbs up.) Some of the book’s novelty has worn off now, but it is still in regular rotation and receives a warm reception.

Crunchy Green Mom – Issa loved the pictures while I was reading. She did the sounds for every animal and signed each animal as I read as well, each page was like a mini-adventure for her, full of exclamations and shouts out as we counted the animals on the page and/or saw something new.The back of the book even has a glossary of terms and throughout the book there is pronunciation assistance.

One House Schoolroom Reviews – The illustrations and colors used to bring this book to life are truly amazing. It truly help to share the beauty that is Africa’s greatest treasure. Sikulu and Harambe has quickly become a favorite in our family and I am sure we will be reading it for many, many years to come.

Moody Mama Says – The moral that I got from the story is that helping others is always rewarding in one way or another. My four year old liked the story and understood why the other animals who didn’t help were sad. He thought that they should have helped the woman. I loved that this story is not only entertaining but it also teaches a valuable lesson to young readers. The colors and illustrations are vibrant and kept my son’s attention throughout the book. He has had me read it to him again and again. I would recommend this book to any parent to read to their child or even for their child to read themselves. Everyone needs to learn the value of doing good deeds for others and this story certainly does a great job of teaching it! I can’t wait until the next tale about is published.

 A Little Bliss – As a parent I loved the message behind the story; that no matter what others may do, choosing to do the right thing always has it’s rewards. What a fabulous life lesson for our children to learn at any early age, and what better way to enjoy it than cuddling up on Mom or Dad’s lap? I also appreciated the additional section at the back of the book which details about life in Zambia. This section, along with the inclusion of Zambian culture throughout the story, gives families a peek into a new and interesting culture.

 5 Vinez Monkeys – When the book arrived, I couldn’t take my hands off of it. The illustrations were beautiful. I slowly flipped through every page just taking everything in. I couldn’t wait to read it to my kids.

My wait didn’t last long. The moment they saw the book, they immediately wanted to read it. So we did. And then we did again. And again. We read the book 4 times in a row. For the next 3 days, we did the exact same thing. Whenever I would ask them what book they wanted to read, “Sikulu & Harambe!” was the unanimous answer.

Blogmania –  My kids really enjoyed this book – what they loved most was the colorful pictures which were outlined in black and finely shaded in with colored pencil.   As a parent, I loved the message of helping and caring,  the opportunity to learn about a different culture and the educational section in the back for reference. 

Mom of 2 Dancers Reviews – Sikula & Harambe By the Zambezi River is a book you can feel proud of reading to your children. Your children will learn to help out a stranger in need, that it makes you feel good. They will also learn some African culture along the way. You can just read the book, or you can use this book as a tool for teaching your children. This would be a great book to add to a homeschool classroom.

All Because Two People Fell In Love – The illustrations in this book are amazing! We had to slowly look through the book just admiring the pictures before we even read any words! My kids and I really enjoyed learning the new words and understanding their meanings throughout this book. As a parent and teacher, I also appreciate books that has a good moral to them! Ethan really enjoyed the discussion questions in the book. He was really intrigued with the Zambia and the African animals in the book. I love how this book gave my kids a glimpse into another culture. This book is a touching tale of kindness that I recommend for everyone!

Wesnlani – We have read this book several times and spoke about how we can take the lesson and use it in our lives. Lani in not quite old enough to get the lesson in this story, but she loves the bright illustrations and all the animals.

Is It Bedtime Yet – Right away I could tell that the kids would love this book. And they did. Especially E. The images are very colorful and resemble coloring book pages. She picks this book over and over to flip through. The language is very easy to understand and for young readers, very easy to read. Some of the words are unfamiliar and under normal circumstances would be harder to read. This book helps you by giving you the correct pronunciation of the words. So when you come across the word Harambe, you know how to say it. P, who is 8, was able to pick up on this quickly.

Bargain Briana Buzz – In addition to learning a great moral story about helping other out, children also have the opportunity to explore Zambia through this book. As a parent, I love that it has the pronunciation of some of the unfamiliar words in the story. At the end of the book, there is a glossary of words names, and place as well as facts about Zambia. Kids will love the illustrations and fun story.

Maria’s Space – This book is a wonderful look into a different culture, with fantastic visuals and a moving morally good message. My children listened attentively, although mommy was a little tongue tied with some of the names. After my second time reading, things moved more fluidly. When I asked them reading comprehension questions when I was done, they both said, “it is good to help people.” If they get nothing else from this book, that statement makes it all worth it

Plus Size Mommy – As a mother and not only do I read to my children as much as possible, but I also encourage reading as much as possible in my home, I was also extremely pleased, to see that not only was I able to read this story to my children, but because there is a wonderful Glossary and more facts and information in the back, they were able to learn even more from this story than they usually do with a book.

Cutie Booty Reviews! – I was not disappointed. I loved the vivid colors in the book and the overall story. The African names reminded me of the time that I spent living in South Africa and my visits to Zimbabwe and Zambia. The moral of the story – helping out others when in need is timeless and this book is a wonderful way to teach children.

Mud Bug –  When we got this book my 5yo was totally amazed by it. She kept telling me ‘how beautiful it was’. This book is very easy to read and both girls easily understood it. This has become a nightly bedtime story. I love books that are not only interesting but also teach our kids something without them realizing it. This book taught my girls some things about Africa and now my 5yo tells everyone she knows what she knows from reading Sikulu & Harambe. I plan to purchase more from this author in the futre. I was very impressed!

Pajama Mom – There are wonderful elements of African culture and life weaved into the story.  Girl2004 was fascinated that people do their laundry in the river and at the same time they play hide-and-seek!  Books are a great way to take your kids to a far away land… Sikulu and Harambe are sure to become favorites so be sure to check out the plush animals available at the website.  The illustrations and writing, simpley put, is excellent!  The drawings are gentle and the story is simple but powerful making it a great choice for all children.

Mommy Googles – I really enjoyed the illustrations in Sikulu and Harambe, as well as did my kids. The overall story was fun! What, as a parent, that I liked was that the names: Sikulu and Harambe, were spelled out in pronunciation so that I could read it properly to my kids. There are not too many words on each page, so when I am reading the story to my little ones, I am able to read and point out things about the graphics that my kids can relate to and answer questions about.

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