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  • ISBN-10: 1935547208
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935547204

Our selected team of reviewers recently had the priviledge to review two books, Entertain Like A Gentleman and Aurora Fee, thanks to New Year Publishing.

First off, Entertain Like A Gentleman, written by David Harap is one of those very much needed guidebook for men who are not as “talented” when it comes to entertaining and cooking. The book starts off with Entertaining 101 which includes a list of 25 things to do to ensure a stress free entertaining. For those who are totally clueless in the kitchen, the book also provides an explanation of the basic tools in the kitchen ranging from food processor to mixing bowls to measuring scale as well as metric conversions. Trust me, these morsels of information may be pretty useful to some.

As far as the recipes are concerned, I am ashamed to admit that I have so much to learn from David Harap. I like the way the recipes are divided into different occassions, for example, Super Bowl/March Madness, Cheese and Wine Party, Pool Party, Double Date Night, Romantic Dinner (Spring/Summer) and Romantic Dinner (Fall/Winter), etc. My favourite of course was Cooking With Kiddos, which I would never have expected to be included in this book. Overall, the recipes are not what you would call simple and neither are they intimidating. I’m just a bit surprise that there aren’t any pictures to accompany the recipes which would have worked better.When it comes to recipes,  I’m one who believes that  a picture speaks a thousand words 😉  If your man is showing hints of interest in the kitchen, this might be just the book to get him started.

Here’s what some of our reviewers thought of Entertain Like A Gentleman:

Confessions of an overworked mom – Now if your husband is like mine, you might expect this cookbook to be filled with recipes for buffalo wings, frozen pizza and chocolate chip cookies. You couldn’t be more wrong! The recipes in this book are going to put your cooking skills to shame. At least they’d put mine to shame. Just thinking about dates stuffed with blue cheese mousse and fennel and spinach strudel has my mouth watering!

Pookie and The Boys – Most men wish they had the ability to cook for their woman and give her the wow factor. Entertain Like a Gentleman by David Harap tries to give a little boost in the kitchen department for men. The thing is to remember this is for a gentleman, not a man. There are no recipes including a bottle of beer, and some of the recipes require up to a week of prep. The recipes have easy to read measurements and it seems that most ingredient choices are conveniently found in your local grocery. Instructions are detailed letting you know the “do ahead” and the actual “night of the dinner” steps for preparation.

Mom Most Traveled – Entertain Like a Gentleman has 75 original recipes appropriate for all types of themes; from Super Bowl parties to Scotch tastings to intimate dinner parties.

Recipes in Entertain Like a Gentleman use common and accessible ingredients, and you also get tips about how to make your evening flow…like butter.

Heavenly Savings – The recipes by David Harap are not your basic everyday recipes. Each dish looks and smells appetizing and the taste is to die for! You will be wining and dining your guests in no time with these timeless romantic recipes! There are also parts of the book that will help you know how to organize and set up your foods in the most spectacular and passionate ways!

Adventure in All Things Food – Mmm… all delicious recipes, and easy to make. These simple, yet elegant ideas will have your guests singing your praises! Each chapter has a full menu of ideas, a shopping list and equipment list for each recipe. Some chapters even have added suggestions for making your gathering more enjoyable. This book helps to plan everything out for the host or hostess. I have to say that I am always looking for ways to make entertaining go more smoothly.

Renaissance Culinaire – The recipes are written in an easy to understand fashion, intended to help aid in a less-stressful entertaining experience. Included in the book are shopping and equipment lists, with blank pages after every section to allow you to jot down thoughts or notes – making Entertain Like a Gentleman perfect for the cooking inept or the seasoned culinary traveler.

Happy Healthy Families – I know this book is aimed towards men, and yes, it is perfect for the man who needs some step by step guidance in the kitchen, but really, I think just about anyone would love reading it. There are tips and secrets throughout the book that will make even the most novice host feel ready to take on a party for family and friends!

Acting Balanced – I really like how the recipes are laid out – with the instructions first and the ingredients and equipment listed down the right hand side, with the ingredients listed like a shopping list – ingredient first, amount second. The tips are great too – for men or women – and help you to break down your entertainment planning and cooking chores into easy to accomplish steps. This book is all about being impressive without being difficult.

Mom of 2 Dancers – There is no stronger way to impress someone than by showcasing your culinary skills. Bachelor Chef and culinary instructor David Harap has created a series of menus that any man can make his own. This book helps men create unforgettable meals for their guests without stress or needing years of cooking school. In addition to many exciting recipes for every occasion, that are tons of tips and secrets on how to become the ultimate host. Memorable meals made easy.

  • ISBN-10: 1935547127
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935547129

Aurora Fee was written by Megan Barnes when she was just a high school senior. It tells the story of an ordinary  teenager with centuries old deep dark secret. The truth is, Aurora is no longer a human but a CAT to be exact. She could transform herself from a human into a cat, has the ability to read minds and is immortal. Aurora also has to be careful with her emotions which may result in different parts of her cat personality appearing out of the blue, such as happiness will trigger the appearance of the tail, embarrassment triggers the whiskers, etc.

Aurora Fee is definitely geared for the tweens to teens but as an adult, I did enjoy reading it too. The story involves typical teenage issues such as  high school, cliques, jealousy and romance. Aurora Fee kind of reminds me of James Patterson’s Daniel X.  As far as paranormal fiction goes, I give it the thumbs up and will definitely be looking forward to a sequel.

Read what our reviewers had to say about the Aurora Fee below:

The Sewing Mom – While Aurora has to contend with her shape shifting, she also contends with typical teenage issues, school, friends, and even love. All of these things cause angst and can peak emotions particularly in a teenager, so it’s even more of a challenge for someone who doesn’t want their cat ears giving them away! As the parent of a teenager, I found it easy to relate to the teenage issues in the book. I found some of the story to be a bit far fetched and naive, but overall, it is a very enjoyable book. I am very impressed that the author, Megan Barnes, was just 17 when she wrote the story and had it published. On that alone I recommend the book! I admire anyone that follows their dreams, but to do so at such a young age is absolutely a triumph!

Creative Writings 101 – Aurora suffers from normal teen feelings, wanting to be loved, and of course, the fear of being different. Something we all can relate to in one way or another. I was surprised to see that the writer of this book is only a teen herself, I think she did a great job and had a great handle on the emotions and experiences that teens face on a daily basis. This is a good book for a tween and/or teen to read, and fits the young adult paranormal genre perfectly.

Adventure in All Things Food – This was a fast read, and I am sure as a teenager I would have consumed it in one sitting. At 240 pages it is not a long read, but a perfect serving of feline adventure. I enjoyed that it was a great mixture between usual teen conflicts, and life and death action. It is a great story I would recommend for tween through teen readers, especially girls interested in paranormal fiction.

Happy Healthy Families -My daughter loved this book, and basically had it in her hands from the time she started reading it to the time she finished. Though shape shifting is a big part of the story, it also follows Aurora’s daily struggles being a teen and dealing with normal teen situations such as school, friends, falling in love, etc. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer for young teens and even pre-teens. My daughter gave it two thumbs up!

Acting Balanced – Aurora Fee is full of action and fun. The book is well written and I could possibly see a sequel. The only change to this book I would make is to add a prequel, but that might give away to much. I can’t believe that this book was written by a high school senior. I would recommend this book for anyone 11 and up.

Mom of 2 Dancers – Besides this being a great book, it a good read for most ages. I’d let my 9 year old daughter read it since it isn’t graphic, etc. It is probably geared more towards later tween years and teens. Plus of course, us adults that love young adult novels. I still can’t get over the other being in high school. Congrats to Miss Barnes for writing a fantastic novel. I hope to see a Aurora Fee become a series!

Maria’s Space -This is a young adult book and is written by a young adult. So, the dialogue is youthful and easy. This is a quick read and the characters aren’t very deep but in this very creative storyline, I give kudos to Megan for her shout outs for one of my favorite books. Obviously a Twi-hard like me, Aurora is looking for her “Edward”. Aurora and her boys (Kartik-Edward and Zane-Jacob) was very Twilightish. She is in love with two boys who will do anything for her yet, in the long run. She remains friends with Zane and chooses Kartik.



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