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Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley

The Wright on Time series of books is written by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley, a homeschooling mom who had found it difficult to find books about homeschoolers for her daughters. Thanks to Lisa, we were sent autographed copies of Wright on Time Arizona and Wright on Time Utah to review.

The Wright on Time series tells the adventure of a homeschooling RV family who travels across the United States, starting with the state of Arizona. The Wright family comprises of 11 year old Nadia, 7 year old Aidan and their parents Stephanie (mom) and Harrison (dad).  Together, they hit the road in their RV and goes on a fascinating adventure from one state to another, spending time together exploring and learning.


Seeing that my 10 year old son has started to enjoy adventure books, I gave the books to him to review for this tour. He loved that the books opened up with two pages of pictures and quick facts about the state the books were based on. The short chapters meant it was easy for him to put the book down when he had to do other things BUT I can honestly tell you that he had read more than half of the chapters in Wright on Time Arizona on his first day of reading. He finished the book on the second day! I’m sure that already speaks volume on how interesting and exciting the first book was for him. He also eagerly finished Wright on Time Utah within the next three days.

As English is not our first language, some of the words may not be familiar to him but the glossary at the end of each book was a wonderful reference.  Being a mom, I love these two titles because they are not only a fun read, they serve as useful educational tools. By the time my son finished the books, he had already learnt many facts about Arizona and Utah as well as picked up a couple of new words to add to his English vocabulary. So, I’m definitely giving these books the two thumbs up!

Here’s a peek into what Wright On Time Arizona and Wight on Time Utah are about:

First stop, Arizona! The Wright’s homeschooling RV adventure starts with exploring a desert cave. Nadia can’t wait to find minerals and see rock formations. Aiden wants to see bats. He finds something mysterious buried in the rock – what could it be? What is that glowing thing on the wall? Where are those voices coming from? What do you do with toilet paper in a cave? And just what is a stale egg mite anyway?

The Wright family’s homeschooling RV adventure continues at an Allosaurus dinosaur dig in Utah. Nadia can’t wait to decipher symbols from the mysterious device. Aiden wants to find a real dino bone. He might find something, but he might lose something else – what could it be? What freaky thing is glowing now? Where is their power coming from? What do you do with a left dentary? And just want kind of tune are they singing?

Let’s take a look at what other moms and dad on our panel of reviewers thought of Wright On Time Arizona and Wright On Time Utah:

Maria’s Space – These books are incredible. I love them and think that you and your kids will too! The family is likable. The kids are enjoyable, no one is trying to one up someone or be funny. The parents aren’t secondary characters or forgotten. The locations are interesting. The story flows beautifully and this really is a great way to show how normal, smart and balanced homeschooled children can be contrary to some of my friends. These books are not just for the homeschooled. The story is excellent and any reader will want the next book in the series.

5 Vinez Monkeys – Overall, we are super impressed with the Wright on Time books. My kids loved reading about other homeschooling kids that were right around their ages. They also really enjoyed learning about Arizona and Utah. I really enjoyed reading the books with Jace and Lucy also. The books were funny and interesting and kept the kids anxious to learn more. I would recommend these books to any homeschooling family – or any family that wants to learn more about the USA.

Reviews & Reflections -When I heard about a new series of books by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley, I was excited. This series is based on the United States – one book per state – which means there will eventually be 50 books in the series! The books are written by a homeschool mom – and they’re about a homeschool family! That appeals to us as homeschoolers.

Sewing Mom – I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed these books and I definitely share the love of learning and traveling around our country. It’s exactly what we’ve tried to do with our own daughter, even though we don’t have an RV. The series seems to be targeted to readers around age 10, younger if they love to read and have a parent that likes to read with them. The stories inspire me to hit the road with my family!

Why Are They Calling ME Mom -I can really see how these books would be extremely helpful to homeschooling moms and dads. Heck I think they’ll be useful to L when she’s in first or second grade. Or even for a student that’s doing a report on one of our 50 states. I know I can’t wait to read the Missouri one. Learning more about our country is a good thing.

Mommy Mandy – The Wright on Time series of children’s chapter books are about an RV-living family who travels the USA. Each book is set in a different state with a different fun and educational theme. It’s like taking your child on a wonderous road trip across the USA powered by the imagination! You can pick up any book in the series and enjoy it fully without having read others in the series. Of course, if you want to know the complete story of the Wright family’s adventures, you are going to want to read the other books!

Laura William’s Musings – All in all, my children and I found these books to be very interesting to read and to learn more about the states. Perfect timing to review these too as we are in the midst of a unit study about all 50 states.

One House Schoolroom – My children fell in love with the Wright family from the start- my seven year old son is an identical match to Aiden and my daughter loved Nadia’s sense of adventure and bravery. The easy tone and short chapters kept my kiddos asking for more. It took us less than two days to finish the first book and the second was finished in less than a week. Most books take us a few weeks to read from beginning to end. The only complaint my children had was that we have to wait a few months for the next installment- they are hooked!!

Happy Healthy Families – Each book is set in a different state with a different fun and educational theme. I loved that each book can be read and enjoyed without having to have read others in the series. But of course, once you start reading about the Wright family and their adventures, you are drawn in and will want to read their story right from the very beginning!

Connie’s View – Sammi’s Review (age 11): I liked the glossary because I was able to learn what the unusual words meant. The children in the book lived an exciting life traveling through the country and being homeschooled about the things they saw. I imagined myself living a life like that. It was confusing not reading the children calling their parents “Mom and Dad”. I felt that books were for younger aged children than me, though because I was able to read them very quickly.

The Plus Size Mommy (Arizona) – My son Zachary who is 10 was the real reviewer of these books. He wished he had them in 4th grade when he had a major project for school on a state. Which is a requirement at his school.

My son loved these adventures, and he took the books in to share with his teachers and classmates. They all were excited over them.

The Plus Size Mommy (Utah) – I love that he is enjoying these books. However, he took my book 2 – Utah to school, and shared it with some friends and the teacher decided to read it to the class, which made this review late! So, I wasn’t too happy about that. But these books are very fun to read and so Educational, I totally get why the teacher would want to read it with the class.

The Southern Girls Nest – Kayla’s review : I love these books because they teach me about the states that I might not have ever visited and known about. I also like these books because they tell about mysteries you have to solve and I love mysteries. I don’t want to tell you what the books are about but there was a part in the first book that made me want to read the second book so that I could solve the mystery. The characters are sort of like me in a way so I relate to them. Because they like mysteries and they like to travel and they love to explore things, just like me. I am looking forward to reading the third book and all the others.

Yenjai.Net – My son simply love it though. Before he finished the first book, he already ask for the second book. Good eh? Though I was sure there were plenty of words foreign to him, he didn’t seem to mind at all. He simply proceed on, and occasionally ask us for the meaning of a couple of words. Guess the writer really had done a good job in writing the story.

Chanel’s Journal – By just reading these two books had already opened up Mummy’s eye to a different type of adventures which was educational RV roadschool tour. More families were embarking into homeschooling the kids. Mummy strongly recommended this series because it would be educational and by the end of the series, we would have travelled to 50 states learning about the different and uniqueness of each state.

The Clan Mcleod – As a homeschooling mom, I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books. Geared for ages 5 – 12, my oldest daughter, Sarah, is 11 and breezed through the first one in a little over an hour. She enjoyed it as much as I did and is getting ready to begin book 2.

We all learned a lot and enjoyed the state information in the front of the books. I also appreciated the glossary in the back that helped with girls with unfamiliar words.

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