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Posted on Apr - 16 - 2014

My family and I are trying to eat cleaner and have been doing a lot of reading on gluten and gluten-free options when it comes to some of our favorite foods. So I was excited to hear that we would [...]

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Posted on Mar - 4 - 2014

Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale is a modern-day story with the classical theme of good conquering evil. You’ll find the age-old ingredients of a magic mirror, poisonous apple, dwarfs, and romance here. However, this adaptation includes a vain [...]

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Posted on Mar - 1 - 2014

Our webhosting account is about to expire and we are currently looking to migrate to another webhost. At this point in time, based on our expectations, we have narrowed down to a few choices: Hostgator Bluehost GoDaddy If any of [...]

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Posted on Feb - 10 - 2014

Low self-esteem is a common problem for teenage boys and girls. Not only do they have changing bodies to contend with, they have pressure from peers, academic studies, and relationships to face up to on a daily basis. As parents, [...]

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Posted on Jan - 14 - 2014

Whether it’s through consoles, PCs, smartphones or, of course, the internet, video games consume our everyday lives. Games are particularly appealing to teenagers, offering a chance to escape reality and, for a short time, forget about the stresses and strains [...]

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Posted on Dec - 24 - 2013

May the warmth of Christmas bring peace to your homes. May you find happiness, love and friendship whereever you go. Wishing all of our Parent Reviewers and readers a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.

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Posted on Aug - 29 - 2013

Summer holiday is almost over and before you even know it, your child will be back in school. Like any other family, it is only natural for you to feel stressful when faced with the challenges of transiting from summer [...]

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Posted on Jun - 25 - 2013

Most parents will agree that whining is one of the most annoying sounds that toddlers and children can produce, and finding an effective strategy to stop it can prove difficult. Experts agree that finding out why kids are whining and [...]

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Posted on May - 15 - 2013

The air is crisp, the leaves are a vivid green and flower buds are opening into the most vibrantly-coloured blooms – doesn’t it make you feel like you want to celebrate? If any of your children have birthdays that fall [...]

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Posted on Apr - 30 - 2013

Most of us journey into parenthood with excitement and anticipation but the pressures of today’s world can be difficult and challenging. It takes great patience, self-control and an equal amount of time to become an effective parent. In short, parenting [...]

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Posted on Apr - 23 - 2013

A family holiday doesn’t need to turn into a contest of wills or precarious bank balances. We have listed our four top tips to get the most out of your pounds: you will still be able to have unexpected adventures [...]

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Posted on Mar - 1 - 2013

Who’s with me, on decluttering your home? A couple years back, I went on a massive decluttering exercise in my home. We gave away massive loads of toys, clothes and furniture too. As with my pantry, I really cleaned up [...]

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Posted on Dec - 26 - 2012

  Just a quick post to wish all our readers a magical and fun filled Christmas and and a Happy, Healthy & Properous New Year 2013!   From the entire team of Parent Reviewers

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Posted on Dec - 12 - 2012

  Help where it’s needed most … AND get a gift for yourself or someone you care about! If you want to make a bigger impact in someone’s life, consider buying this beautiful Artisan Beaded Necklace from World Vision, which [...]

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